Hope Hospital

About Hope Hospital, Teka Naka, Kamptee Road, Nagpur

NABH Acceredited Hospital in Nagpur for Orthopedic surgery with best Joint Replacement Surgeons.

“Hope is the most significant fact of life. It provides human beings with a sense of destination, the energy to get started and the will to strive on.”
HOPE HOSPITAL’s Ambulance Service is committed to providing the highest level of emergency medical, transportation,.
Road Ambulance: 24-Hour operations in Nagpur and surroundings.
We offer complimentary Ambulance services within Nagpur City limits.
We offer reasonable rates for outstation patients.
We provide the fastest and the most effective ambulance services in the region.
Hope Hospital’s Ambulance Service is run by dedicated, caring professionals who believe in our company value “When Life Matters”.
We understand that behind every call for assistance we receive, there is a fellow human in need and a family who cares.
Hope Hospital’s Ambulance Service: Mobile Emergency Service! Any time! Any where
Fully equipped Hope Hospital’s Ambulance Service Staffed with, anesthesia technician and a driver, reaches patients in the shortest time.
After the ambulance is reached, patient condition is evaluated, and decision about treating the patient at the present place or transporting patient to a hospital is made.
If the treatment at the present place is decided, necessary basic examination and first treatment is done and prescription is written, medical advice is given, supporting medical services are coordinated, thus unnecessary transportation is avoided.
When the decision of emergency intervention and transportation to hospital is made, all necessary interventions either simplest ones or most complicated (resuscitation or intensive care) ones are carried on.
Treatment conditions are given continuously between the places of the patient to the ambulance. Hospital conditions are provided insider the ambulance and patient is transported to the hospital in the shortest time period.